FREE “No Jargon” 510 Page E-Book (Written by 2 Of The Most Successful Property Investors In The UK) Reveals…
How To Build A Free Flowing Cash Property Portfolio As A Professional Investor NOT A Busy, Overworked, Stressed Landlord!
It’s the 1 crucial mistake MOST people taking their first steps into property make…
A leveraged Property Investor has:
  • Financial freedom
  • ​Choice
  • ​Healthy cash-flow 
  • ​Money to live and retire on 
While a landlord has:
  • ​Not enough hours in the day 
  • ​Crazy amounts of stress
  • ​Stop and start cash flow 
  • ​An unpredictable future 
Hi, we’re Rob Moore & Mark Homer! 

We’ve been in property investment together for 15 years… 
Mark Homer
Rob Moore
In that time we’ve bought and sold over 600 properties, built 5 companies, wrote 9 best-selling books and have over 350,000 subscribers and investors in our community.
On top of that, Rob also has one of the most successful property and entrepreneurial podcasts in the world too. 

Why then, are we giving away a Ebook for FREE?

Firstly, know this, we’ve added to and updated Property Investing Secrets 3 times now. 

When we first published it, there was no other book of its kind. 

As a failing Artist and brain numb 9-5 worker, we were clueless at the beginning of our Property Investment journey.  


But clueless. 
Everyone in the industry was (no pun intended) a closed book, keeping their secrets, mistakes, tips, struggles, and solutions close to their chest. 

Which was NO help to newbies starting out.

It was why so many people failed. 

(Or, resorted to the Landlord life that really is no different to the 9-5.)

When we found success? We were determined to change that. 

We wanted to help people become highly-profitable Property Investors…

In the least amount of time…

Working the littlest amount possible!

So, we released Property Investing Secrets, that was content-rich and entirely VOID of “industry jargon.”

As the years have gone on, we’ve added to it, and gone deeper into ALL of the areas surrounding starting up and scaling a property portfolio from scratch. 

The book has grown with us.

(That’s probably why it’s 510 pages long now, making it way longer than any other book of its kind on the market!) 

It is so FULL with content… 
We are told time and time again, that the book itself has more value and actionable advice in it than many 3-day property courses do...
The book’s 4.8/5 star rating speaks for itself! 
If you want a “fluff-free” E-book that’s going to give you an A-Z of how to become a highly successful Property Investor NOT a Landlord, click the button below to get your FREE pdf copy of Property Investing Secrets now:
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